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Coffee Makes You Poop

Who, When & Why

Coffee makes you poop Wait, let me modify that statement: Coffee makes some people poop And it encourages others to poop And maybe not for the reasons you might guess

However, coffee doesn't actually come from beans Coffee beans are really coffee fruit seedsWait, let me modify that statement Coffee makes some people poop. So perhaps the other famed song celebrating beans' digestive effects ("Beans, beans / The magical fruit / The more you eat them / The more you toot") is closer to the truth! But whereas beans are known for inducing gas, coffee tends to cause people to actually poop

Does Coffee Really Make You Poop?

Coffee can create an urgent need to poop for some people For others, it brings on defecation in a more subtle way It depends on your individual body chemistry, but there are some general guidelines for figuring out the odds of whether or not your number one drink will move your body to a quick number two

Which brings us to

Who Does Coffee Make Poop?

According to the leading study on the topic, coffee makes about 29 percent of the population need to poop soon after drinking Nineteen percent of the men in the study needed to poop after drinking coffee, compared to over half the women in the study (53 percent to be exact)

So, coffee is way more likely to make women need to poop than to make men need to poop

When Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Of the people in the study who said coffee made them poop, 52 percent said that coffee only made them poop in the morning Similarly, 58 percent said that coffee only made them poop if they hadn't already pooped that day Those who were "moved" by coffee said that there was a span of about 20 minutes between drinking coffee and visiting the toilet

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

And, some say that the caffeine in coffee makes you poop, but decaf coffee has been shown to be just as likely to make people poop as regular coffee

How Much Does Coffee Make You Poop?

According to one study, coffee makes you poop as much as you would after a 1000 kCal meal (That's 1000 "food calories", the calories you see listed on food packaging) This is particularly amazing because coffee with no additives is calorie free