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How to Exercise

Get a full-body workout by exercising at home without expensive equipment This wikiHow will teach you how to exercise Put on some breathable clothes and shoes made for exercise to get started

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  • Stay hydrated by drinking water or sports drinks More ↓
  • Skip the stretchingTalk to your doctor about specific workouts you may do. Do warm ups instead ↓
  • Try aerobic exercises like jumping rope, swimming, jogging, or biking ↓
  • Try anaerobic exercises like running, lifting weights, or doing burpees ↓
  • Exercise your core with planks, crunches, or sit-ups ↓
  • Stretch only after warming up or exercising ↓

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  • Yes of course Exercise at the time that works best for you Some people have better sleep after working out Only if you have trouble sleeping after exercising should you consider exercising earlier
  • Everyone should get 60 minutes of physical activity each day How intense that activity will be varies depending on a person's fitness level, age and health If someone were to do the hard routine three times a week, one hour of moderate activity per day on the other days of the week would maintain a fairly high fitness level
  • It takes the gastrointestinal tract about 3 to 4 hours to completely digest a full meal Note too that the digestion phase varies between what you are eating -- for example if you ate a banana, you can exercise after 30 minutes or 1 hour after eating it but if you ate a steak, it would take you about 3 hours before it would be good to begin exercise That said, most people find that eating trail mix mid-hike doesn't prevent them from continuing to walk, as human beings were built to eat and move
  • This is so that every muscle in your body can be targetedYour diet is the biggest impact on your stomach fat. Also, it provides variation so that you don't get bored and give up If you don't like exercise, revert to what your ancestors did instead and walk everywhere, move constantly and do plenty of physical work at least once a day, such as chopping wood, gardening, carry loads or cleaning your house vigorously
  • It depends what kind of results you are seeking If you are looking to burn fat, then take carbs out of your diet and eat lots of protein rich food If you are looking to bulk up, then carbs and proteins are your best friends
  • When you exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes, your heart rate will increase, therefore your blood flow will increase, making you feel warmer This is both normal and desirable
  • Walking and jogging are very helpful for removing stomach fat Also, any core exercises ranging from sit-ups to planks and any other core exercises are good Check your diet and eat cleanly Make sure your diet is not mainly high in sugar and fat Your diet is the biggest impact on your stomach fat
  • It depends on what type of body you have, how fast your metabolism is, how often you exercise, etc Most people start seeing results in about 1 month, however
  • It depends on what your goals are If you want to relax and calm your body, then yoga is great But if you want to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger or be more active, the gym is a better idea In general, you don't have to sign up for a gym to get great workouts and train well, though You can exercise without equipment
  • Exercise -- along with a healthy diet -- is actually recommended to help lower and balance out your blood sugar Talk to your doctor about specific workouts you may doIf you are looking to bulk up, then carbs and proteins are your best friends.

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