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4 Potential Health Risks of Eating GMO Foods

In the United States, much of the corn and soybeans produced (especially those to be fed to livestock or to provide filler material in processed foods at the supermarket) contain some portion of genetically modified material From cereal and crackers to baking mixes, veggie burgers, and even milk and cheese, GMOs have infiltrated our grocery aisles largely without much study into their long-term health effects on our bodies However, The Environmental Working Group conservatively estimates that each American consumes about 190 pounds of GM foods every year despite this lack of research Choosy consumers are worried � and getting mad and organized � about these potential health impacts:

Genetic engineers rely heavily on antibiotics to guide experiments It works like this: Not all host cells will take up foreign genes, so engineers attach a trait for a particular type of antibiotic resistance to the gene they introduce into host cells After they�ve introduced the gene into the cells, they douse all the cells with the antibiotic to see which ones survive The surviving cells are antibiotic-resistant, and therefore engineers know they have taken up the foreign gene

Overuse of antibiotics can potentially cause the development of antibiotic-resistant pathogens Several health organizations, including the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association, have spoken out about the need for the use of these antibiotics to be phased out of the process of making GM foods Food Patriot Sam Spitz� harrowing story provides a scary, precautionary warning of how antibiotic-resistant �superbugs� can affect your health

4Oils purchased in bulk for burning are not adequate for applying topically to your skin. Unpredictability and the Unknown

DNA is complex, and we have yet to understand all the potential complex interactions The potential hazards are difficult to predict and identify immediately Additionally, the United States regulatory system is set up to deal with problems occurring with GM foods only after they occur But what if, instead, we invoked the precautionary principle, an international agreement that calls for intelligent caution when it comes to new science and technologies? Thankfully, you can protect yourself and your family by taking action against GMO foods Choose organic foods wherever possible (this app can help you determine which foods to avoid), support farms that refuse to grow GMO foods, and pressure your lawmakers to force agriculture companies to label GMOs� The right to know is one we must be outspoken to protect

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Sure hope we win the label GMO foods fight

Monsanto is slowly killing their own customers Only shortsighted, greedy people can come up with such a foolish idea

Most informative about the Frankenfoods

I've been in healthcare for 24 years, and can personally attest to antibiotic resistance being a HUGE issue, and will certainly become a crisis if our foods continue to be tampered with

Please sign all petitions related to banning GMOs, and until they are banned, sign petitions which mandate GMO labeling It's our RIGHT to know, and ALL ingredients should be listed on food labels I still can't understand how GMOs have been excluded from such labels

Good quality info Lucky to me I came to your website not on purpose, but now I have bookmarked it


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