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Empty Tea Bags

Disposable filter packs for loose-leaf tea

Making your own teabags has never been easier! These hassle free empty tea bags combine all the benefits of drinking quality loose-leaf tea and tisanes with the convenience of a teabag Personalise your own tea blends and how strong or weak you like your cuppa Great to use at home, at work or to take with you on holidays!


Fill the bag with exactly how much tea you want, fold down the top and place it in your cup, fill with water and let it brew, and then remove the bag and dispose of it like you would any other tea bag And then you have a perfectly customized cup of tea to take with you as you run out the door to work or school, or simply enjoy by the fire in the comfort of your own home!

Dimensions 10mm x 70mm

60 bag sachets per packet

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Rich flavours with a robust finish

This classic blend of Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan teas is perfect for anytime of day It brews a coppery liquid with an assertive aroma The flavour is robust and rich with an astringent finish Blends beautifully with milk and sugar

Organic loose leaf black tea

Citrus, spice and all things nice

This herbal infusion is pleasure in a cup Zesty lemon joins ginger’s spice to produce a clean acidity with cool freshness Plucked hibiscus flowers add a sweet flavour finish and produce the pink hued liquor

Organic loose leaf tisane

Light and grassy with lingering lemon notes

It’s easy to fall in love with our delicious Green Myrtle A blend of Japanese green tea and Australian grown Lemon Myrtle; this is a combo like no other Producing light and grassy aromatic liquor with a refreshing natural lemon flavour, Green Myrtle has a clean lingering taste

Organic loose leaf green tea

Making your own home brew just got a whole lot easier Meet the handy brew

STEP 1 Pour in ground coffee or tea leaves STEP 2 Add hot water STEP 3 Wait for it to brew STEP 4 Place over cup and wait for it to decant into glass STEP 5 Enjoy!

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Organic loose leaf black tea

Caffeine-free- smooth, sweet and fruity

Rooibos, also known as Red Bush, is cultivated from a native South African shrub Naturally caffeine-free, this red brew is fruity, sweet, rounded, mild and smooth with a refreshingly herbal texture Rooibos delights the senses and delivers health benefits with each caffeine-free sip

Organic loose leaf tisane

Tart, sweet and deep red in colour

Plucked from the heart of the hibiscus flower, this tisane has a tart, cranberry-like flavour Good for health and wellness, this Magenta-coloured liquor is high in vitamin C Enjoy it hot after a meal or cold over ice

Organic loose leaf tisane

A beautiful blend of fruits and flowers

Treat your senses to the intense flavour and scent of our Mixed Berry Herbal Tea A delicious arrangement of elderberries, blueberry, apple and rosehip has been blended with black currant and strawberry leaves, blue mallow flowers, hibiscus petals and sweet Chinese apricot kernels to provide a delightful caffeine-free boost for mind and body