How to make olive leaf extract*

Olive Leaf Extract & Liver Problems

Your liver is a highly effective organ when it comes to major functions of the body The good foods and bad foods that we consume are all filtered through the liver The liver also regulates our hormones and eliminates toxins Sometimes, based on our diets or addictions, the liver can experience problems Olive leaf extract has been known to help with many issues by alleviating any problems with the liver

What is all the leaf extract

Olive leaf extract has many benefits and functions It has an astounding effect on viruses, retroviruses, bacteria, as well as fungi, and yeast infections It also assists with high blood pressure and heart disease Olive leaf extract has also been known to aid in chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever and is well known for its powerful detoxification properties

Detoxification and the liver

Molds and yeasts

When molds and yeasts are in your body they affect the liver because it deprives the body of nutrients that it needs Mold creates microorganisms that create toxins called mycotoxins These mycotoxins affect the liver's ability to create hormones and eliminate toxins from your bodyMold creates microorganisms that create toxins called mycotoxins. When olive leaf is used it removes toxins, allowing the liver to continuously make hormones and effectively eliminate waste from your body

Liver cancer

Olive leaf extract has also been known to be a preventative measure against liver cancer and a remedy to fight it There is a compound derived from the Olive leaf called oleanolic acid, which has protected against the development of liver cancer in laboratory animals studied at the Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

Choosing the proper Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is available as a tincture, capsules, and even as a tea Make sure the product has more than 10 percent Oleurpein olive leaf extract and micronutrients from the olive leaf Some people prefer the capsules, which are filled with the dried herb Always seek the assistance of your health care practitioner when undergoing this type of alternative support