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I have tried everything for acne, and nothing seemed to work I also constantly had greasy skin Since starting Vit E, my skin stopped being greasy and my acne has reduced by about 90% I can't believe how well this is working I could see a difference immediately the day after starting I have been on it for 2 and a half weeks now I had cystic acne and normal acne (I am female at 33 years old)

I never normally write reviews but I have to share this with someone I've ALWAYS struggled with my skin Acne has caused so many issues with my self esteem over the years and, as a 21 year old, I had started to accept it would never get better

I've been on Lymecyline for 2 years and various contraceptive pills (some which even caused serious depression) and, although admittedly my skin is much clearer than it once was, I still get the occasional spot, but also the TEXTURE of my skin is horrible - like leather, huge pores and red scars from my acne that are deep in the skin Makeup just makes it look worse and my skin just looks incredibly dull and dry but also oily :(

I've tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING Nothing worked until recently I've been using the "Aztec face mask" (bentonite clay + apple cider vinegar) once a week which seriously gets the sh*t out my pores and stuff It's seriously amazing guys But doesn't sort out my dry horrible leather face

I recently tried vitamin e oil (70,000 iu) randomly and didn't expect anything to happen Just thought I'd give it a go like I do with everything when it comes to my skin I woke up the next day and my skin was 100% clearer and brighter I've never seen my skin so bright and glowing! In one night I noticed less acne scarring Less acne Smoother pores it was like a miracle

I've used it every night since (about 10 days I've been doing it for now) and I honestly look like a different person I finally can be in front of my bf without makeup Anyone on this thread will understand how freeing it is to not wear makeup after years of hiding and I truly believe it is because of vitamin e oil

I understand everyone's skin is different and it might not work for everyone, especially if you're currently still prone to break outs then this oil might not be for you However, as a girl who has always been prone to breakouts since the age of 13, I haven't experienced any yet from vitamin e oil

I'm giving this a try to my face to fade my black marks because it looks terrible😭 I'll update within 3weeks for the resultTopically appliedvery good. Hope will help me to my problem

After 1 day of using it I started getting cystic acne I took 400 IU's per day

I stopped using it I stopped getting cystic acne

So i have been taking zinc and vitmain a pills and today wil start taking vitamine pills 400 iu a day alongside the other supplemetns i take, hoepufly this will help my scars and acne fade

Hey guys! I dont do reviews but I really wanted to share my experience with vitamin e oil

I've been taking 400 IU of vitamin E for about a month now By no means is this a miracle acne solution However, I have noticed and improvement in the texture of my skin as well as my dark spots fading a little quicker I will continue taking this because I do like the results I just have to keep finding more products to help clear my skin as well I definitely recommend giving this a try :)

I take 1-2 (you're really only supposed to take one) 1000 iu vitamin e pills each day I've been doing so for a little over a month My skin I clearer, and brighter, but honestly that could be due to any number of things in my acne regimen I can't say for sure whether or not it is the vitamin e

However, sometimes I cut a pill open and apply the oil directly to a pimple thats forming/ a scar/ hyperpigmentation When I apply it to a pimple or a cyst, it comes to a head by the next day So it will erupt your acne quicker

When I apple it to my scars, they heal faster And when I apply it to my dark spots, they lighten overnight Especially effective if you leave a bandaid on However, I did not notice that it lessened my number of pimples (nor did it make me breakout) Simply makes them come to a head quicker

So conclusion: orally taken, I can't really see the results Topically applied--very good

So like my skin's always ugly and it's been ugly since i was 14 I get big red pimples on my cheeks and chin and even forehead and sometimes, when my skin's being really extra i get those huge gross ones with white gooey stuff inside TT

Anyway, i really tried everything cheap stuff, prescriptions and even luxury brands They worked for while but then after that my skin will turn back into it's gross natural state

BUT I'm so glad I started using vitamin e! I've been using it for a month now and honestly Wow You know those magazine ads with models that look like they have no make up, but their skin's like soooo dewy and glowy and clear That's literally what's happening to my skin right now for realllllllllll (but like, i still have some acne scars THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE I NOTICED THAT EVEN THE SCARS THAT ARE DEEP IN MY SKIN ARE SLOWLY DISAPPEARING AND GETTING SMALLER )

So, i just use vit e capsules (i take one after breakfast, daily) and then i use a generic cream cleanser that has salycilic acid and i drink green tea regularly (Exfoliate with a really gentle exfoliator I use the one by laneige only once a week because if you have acne and u start exfoliating boiiiiiiiiiiiii your skin will really hate you and i learned that through the hard way lol )

Ever since i used this i get less breakouts and if i do get ones Their really, really small ones and disappear over night or like after a day My skin is also softer and it's no longer flaky and dry so my foundation doesn't cake up YAY And like, if you're using stuff like retinol or anything that dries your skin up i feel like vitamin e would work with hydrating your skin

It also helps with kind of stretching your skin?? My mom uses it and her skin looks younger

Bonus: It makes your hair grow faster Wow Like i've been trying to grow my eyebrow hairs and really they started appearing in the first few weeks Eyebrows on fleek and clear skin jesus is real

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