Itworks hair skin and nails while pregnant*

Hairs, Nails and Skin??

Also, has anyone had really bright and glowy skin? I find i can get away without make up sometimes now and it looks great!

Anyone else experiencing any different changes that they are happy about?

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Oh, I wish I've always had great hair and nails but not since I got pregnant My hair is dry, limp and my nails look terrible My skin isn't doing that great either, it's gotten dry to the point where i have to bring lotion around with me

XD There's an old wives tale that says a boy gives his mum the beauty while the daughter steals it all away Probably not true, but we'll see

I haven't noticed much of a change in my hair but my nails have been growing very quickly and are nice and strong I love it!

As for the glowing skin not so much with this pregnancy when I was preggers with my son people would tell me I have a glow

I have baby fine, pretty thin hair, and I've definately noticed it looking nicer and nicer, yay! It seems a bit bouncier and fuller, but I haven't had any extra growth

My nails are definately way stronger, and they're growing faster than they use to They look awesome!

As for skin, I've had a couple of bad breakouts in the first trimester, but it was mostly around my hairline so it was easy to hide I've also noticed red spots coming out after I shower, but those go away quickly

So yay for the great hair and nails, not so much difference on the skin for me Sounds like pregnancy is really agreeing with you!

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