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Where can i buy olive leaf extract in stores

Olive leaf extract (Olea europaea) has many beneficial substances and contains oleuropein and the flavonoids apigenin, luteolin, chrysoeriol, hesperidin, rutin, quercetin, and kaempferol Major isolated constituents strongly inhibit the classical pathway of the complement system

There have not been any good human studies with olive leaf extract to know which medical conditions it would benefit Olive leaf extract is just beginning to be tested in humans so it may take some time until we find out the right dosage for the right condition A study in rodents shows this herb may have blood pressure lowering effect

The olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral activity against viral haemorrhagic septicaemia rhabdovirus (VHSV)

Olive leaf extract has been tested in oral herpes

Saudi Dent J 2013 The effect of olive leaf extract in decreasing the expression of two pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients receiving chemotherapy for cancer A randomized clinical trial Preliminary findings indicate that OLE is effective in reducing IL-1β and TNF-α levels after chemotherapy and exert a therapeutic effect and prevent development of severe oral mucositis

Diabetes and blood sugar

PLoS One 2013 Olive leaf polyphenols improve insulin sensitivity in middle-aged overweight men: a randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial

The blood sugar lowering activity of olive leaf extract was studied as a treatment for diabetes One of the compounds responsible for this activity was oleuropeoside, which showed activity at a dose of 16 mg/kg This compound also demonstrated antidiabetic activity in animals with alloxan-induced diabetes

A You are right that the immune system is very complicated, and the complement system is very difficult to understand Not enough research is available to determine how olive leaf extract influences the various aspects of the immune system So much depends on the initial herbal quality, where it grows, how it is processed, how long it has been stores before use, how it is extracted and the dosage used along with frequency of use There are too many variables that influence its overall effect, including each person's unique response Hence I feel comfortable in using it a few days a week and a full week off each month We do wish to have clearer answers on these topics but clinical trials in humans are not sufficient enough to provide such answers at this time

Olive leaf may have anti-HIV activity

Anti-HIV activity of olive leaf extract and modulation of host cell gene expression by HIV-1 infection and olive leaf extract treatment

York University School of Medicine, New York

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2003

We investigated the antiviral activity of olive leaf extract preparations against HIV-1 infection and replication We find that it inhibits acute infection and cell-to-cell transmission of HIV-1

Hypertension - does olive leaf extract lower blood pressure?

Q I am currently working on a series on a TV series on hypertension, new information has been published about the benefits of olive leaf extract, EFLA®943 I was wondering if you have any information about olive leaf extract

Parkinson's disease prevention

Blood pressure lowering effect of an olive leaf extract in L-NAME induced hypertension in rats

Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Absorption in the body

Olive leaf extract side effects, safety, danger

There have not been any side effects reported yet with olive leaf extract supplement, but few human studies are available

Q Is it okay to take olive leaf extract supplement every day?

A It would be cautious, until we learn more about the long term benefit and side effects, to take a couple of days off a week and a week off each month

Benefit of extra virgin olive oil

Eating foods prepared with olive oils that are rich in phenols, help ward off harmful blood clots in people with high cholesterol

Oleocanthal has a potency strikingly similar to that of the drug ibuprofen in inhibiting the cyclooxygenase (Cox) enzyme that causes pain and inflammation

Olive oil has mixed triglyceride esters of oleic acid and palmitic acid and of other fatty acids, along with traces of squalene and sterols The composition varies by cultivar, region, altitude, time of harvest, and extraction process Olive oil contains a group of related natural products with potent antioxidant properties that give extra-virgin unprocessed olive oil its bitter and pungent taste and are esters of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, including oleocanthal and oleuropein

A mixture of compounds called phenols inhibits the process by which colon cells become cancerous Incubation of one cancer cell line with increasing concentrations of olive oil phenols for 24 hours protected the cells from DNA damage Phenols extracted from virgin olive oil are capable of inhibiting several stages in colon carcinogenesis in vitro

Q Hello from Greece I am coming in touch with you on behalf of Alter Channel, a TV nationwide station As far as I am aware you have a lot of knowledge on therapeutic use of olive extracts There is a big discussion here in Greek media regarding the use of olive extracts for the prevention of cancer and there is a lot of speculation about this method and its validity For this reason I kindly request you to give me your phone details so as to arrange a telephone discussion with you

Q Can I take olive leaf extract with L-lysine & neem extract (Azadirachta Indica) Leaf or seeds)? Or can I take it with Lemon balm extract Also can I take with acyclovir herpes medicine?

A Many herbs can be taken together if the dosage is low of each, but each person is different and it is best to learn how each herb works by itself for a week or two before combining The interactions with medications is quite complicated and has not been studied

Olive leaf extract has gotten great reviews on at least one other site, but one person says that it kills good bacteria as well as bad bacteria, so it must be taken with a probiotic The same thing has been said in regards to oregano oil So my question is this: if olive leaf extract and oregano oil really do kill the good bacteria, is it advisable to take them internally when you don’t seem to have any serious infections, even if you take probiotics to restore the good bacteria?

There is no reason to take OLE or oregano oil products if there is no medical condition that is being treated I have not seen studies that indicate these dietary supplements kill good bacteria in the gut in enough of a volume to cause harm However, since probiotics are safe supplements and have many benefits, one could take them anyway on a regular basis

Since olive leaf contains oleuropein also called calcium elenolate, can someone who has calcifications of bones or soft tissues still take it to boost the immune system or as an antibacterial supplement? Is calcium elenolate the same as dairy calcium?

Since the amount of calcium is so small it would not play a significant role

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Where can i buy olive leaf extract in stores



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