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How I Used Tea Tree Oil to Treat My Acne

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Of course, that doesn’t mean you want to douse your face in pure, 100% tea tree oil—this stuff is potent, so use the pure, concentrated stuff as a nightly spot-treatment only And if your skin is super sensitive, or you have too many zits to spot-treat every night, try using a product with tea tree oil as its main ingredient, like a lotion or face mask Yes, these magical products exist, and yes, I’ve rounded them up for you, below Regardless of the product you decide on, though, be prepared to fall in love with tea tree oil It’s pretty dreamy

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Desert Esssence Organic Tea Tree Oil, $999; at Desert Essence

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads, $799; at Desert Essence

Derma E Tea Tree and Vitamin E Antiseptic Cream, $1495; at Derma E

Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree Mask, $375; at Ulta

The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion, $1160; at The Body Shop

Lush Tea Tree Water in 84 flo oz, $2295; at Lush

Burt's Bees Herbal Complexion Stick, $8; at Burt's Bees

Dr Bronner's All-One Hemp Pure Castile Tea Tree Bar Soap, $429; at Waglreens

Organic Doctor Tea Tree Face Wash, $1599; at Organic Doctor

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