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YS Eco Bee Farms Manuka Honey Review

NOTE: This brand is NOT certified by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association!

YS Eco Bee Farms is yet another Manuka honey brand that has received positive consumer ratings

Found in 1985, this brand has been around and mostly known for their organic honey products Unlike authentic Manuka brands, YS is not located in New Zealand Instead, this company has established credible working relationships with beekeeping farms across New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Canada

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There is very little information on their website regarding their Manuka honey From the scarce info that they’ve made available, I have managed to determine that their Manuka is graded on the Active factor, rather than the UMF system This makes YS Eco Bee Farms yet another non—UMF brand

The Active factor that YS carries is 10+ and 15+Ne donnez pas de miel aux enfants gs de moins dun an. However, this activity does not refer to the unique Manuka factor It rather means that their honey products are pro-biotic Something that is typical of almost all honey products, not just Manuka

I have had a jar of this honey, because they sell it in my local store I can say that it tasted good, it has a thick texture and it is dark orange

But, I cannot, for the life of me, urge people to buy this Manuka honey for its healing qualities Simply because there are so many better products that I have reviewed here

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